Maritime Injury Settlements 



Maritime injuries are quite common, especial for workers who may be working upon a vessel that is old or not up to proper standards in terms of work environment safety. Having this in conjunction with long hours working in other dangerous conditions out in the ocean is simply a recipe for disaster.


As such, many employers often neglect to pay the proper amount of compensation for their employees who do get injured (leading to eventual lawsuits and settlements). Due to settlements being cheaper and much faster to process, many maritime employees will opt to settle. Therefore, the following is a guide on how to get through this process.


Act Quickly


After getting injured, it is important to set the wheels in motion as quickly as possible. This involves getting the right medical assistance right away as well as reporting an accident. If your employees, however, denies paying compensation, then you can resort to filing a claim. At this step, you must find an experienced and reliable maritime lawyer; regular lawyers will be unable to help as maritime laws can only be practiced by individuals who are specifically certified in doing so.


Determine What You Are Owed


After filing a claim you most likely will opt for a settlement. However, before doing so you must determine how much compensation you require. In calculating this you obviously have to take into consideration any medical bills you are both currently paying for as well as any future medical bills you will have to pay for due to the accident. On top of this, depending on how long it will take before you can work, you may also be eligible to receive compensation that covers any lost wages. Lastly, compensation should also include any psychological or emotional trauma.


Common Mistakes


When fighting for compensation, there are certain things to avoid if you want to maximum compensation you can get. The first mistake is obviously not utilizing the services of a professional, well-experienced maritime lawyer. That’s why it is important to search around and look for reviews before deciding on a lawyer to represent you.


The second major mistake is simply accepting the initial offer of compensation from an employer. This offer most times will be much lower than what you could actually gain from a settlement; therefore, speak with your lawyer regarding the maximum compensation you could potentially acquire.


The last and most common mistake is simply waiting around for too long. After an incident has occurred, it is important to act quickly. Gaining the right medical treatment, filing your accident, and finding a professional to assist you in filing a case are essential and should not be put off.


Anything Else?


Injuries and accidents happen, and they most definitely are common when working at sea. That’s why it is best to be prepared in instances if tragedy does strike. Being quick and knowing what you have to do are all important in getting the compensation you deserve.